Q? Can I add aftermarket equipment to my new car without voiding my warranty?

A. Absolutely, its a federal law that allows you to be able to add anything to your car as long as it isn’t something that damaged your car or limited its operation. We recommend always having any work done by a qualified service center such as us.

Q? Will window film stop all interior fading?

A. No. Window film will not completely eliminate fading from occurring. Depending on the type of window film that is applied, window film can reduce fading by up to 70%. It’s important to note there are multiple causes for fading – UV rays, solar heat and visible light and window film can combat all of these threats.

Q? What film is legal for my car?

A. Laws pertaining to how dark you can tint your car windows vary from state to state and country to country. Check your state or country where your car is registered to find out applicable tint laws. Go to www.iwfa.com for the latest automotive tint laws.

Q? Is automotive window film installed on the inside or the outside of the glass?

A. Window film is always applied to the inside of the automotive glass. Installers simply use the outside of the window to cut & heat shrink the window film for a proper fit.

Q? How long does it take to install film on my car?

A. It all depends on the number of windows that need tint as well as the type of car. As long as you use a qualified, professional window film installer, the job will usually take anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours.